Apache PHP MySQL :: Apache Web Server

Install, configure and use
Apache, PHP, MySQL
on Linux and Windows.

Apache Web Server

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an open source, robust, featureful, rock solid and free Server Application. It was builed and managed by a group of volunteers form all over the world, connected via the Internet. It continues to be the most popular web server. It is considered to be the reference platform against which other web servers are designed and judged.
Apache Web Server is avaiable for Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems. It is origianly destributed as source arcive for Unix, Linux and Windows and as binary for Windows only.
Apache source code and binaries are included as standart application for vast majority of Linux distributions. It is also destributed as binary with setup wizard for Windows. It makes is very easy to install Apache on Linux as well as install Apache on Windows. Open source gives you possibility to compile Apache on you box with optimal settings for the best performnce.
Apache features:
Apache server is also supported by several graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for easier and intuitive configuration of the server. Apache logs can be analysed through a web browser using free scripts (such as AWStats or Visitors) or by powerfull free and commecial logs analysing softare (such as Webalizer or Webtrends Log Analyser).
The web server has very flexible cofiguration options. It is very easy to configure it for most of the tasks. Well thought implementation also allows you to configure the server to perform non trivial and tricky things as well adn provide maximum performance.