Install, configure and use
Apache, PHP, MySQL
on Linux and Windows.

Apache vs IIS

Apache vs IIS is the most painful descission that lots of people struggle to make. And very often they regret about the descission made. This question is not simple comparison of pros and cons of Apache and IIS. It is laso involves debates on methodology of testing and overall system aproach. For example, If you go for IIS then you have to use Windows, while if you decided to go for Apache Web Server you have a right to choose between Unix, Linux and even different versions Windows.
That means that it does not make sense to try to make independent comparision of Apache and IIS. You should think about the end result you want to achive by using any web server, otherwise you will lose yourself in enormous amount of questions. For example, if you go with IIS on Windows machine, then you will be vulnarable against both IIS and Windows bugs and vulnarabilities. If you go with Apache on Windows then it would be other combination of issues and vulnarabilities. And obviously if you go with Apache on Linux then it is completely different set. As an example, Linux never suffered from nasty worms viruses at all. That give assurance agaist such issues, but it had vulnarabilities in older versions of OpenSSL.
Same thing applies to performance. Running IIS6 you would need a descent box to make Windows 2003 happy. If you run small to medium web site that is an overkill. Same performance result (e.g. reqests served per second) could be achived on Celeron/P-III 1GHz box running Ubuntu server and Apache.
Also you do not need to pay for OS and other lisences if you go for Apache and Linux that saves you quite a lot of money, but what the downside of it?
All these proves the point that it is not quite simple to get the answer for Apache vs IIS question. Let do it either way around. Let answer the quiestion "What I what to achieve in the result?" and this will lead as to the tools we need to choose to meet the target. Actually, it is similar to making a descission on what tool you are going to you to plant a tree: I need to plant a tree. So, I need to dig a hole. The tree is very small, so the hole should be relatively small. I can use scoop, shovel, excavator, TNT or nuke. What should I use?" The answer is quite obvious, because you know benifits and disadvanteges of these tools applied to the current task. Same thing applies to choose a web server platform and application to do the job.
Web server meant to serve HTTP and HTTPS requests. Main issues assosiated with such a task are : performance, stability setup and maintenance costs. Let's take a closer look on them.
As you see there are lot os pros and cons. And it really depends on you situation and budget.